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All from one source!

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Quality Control:

The remit of our quality control starts with the selection of suppliers and extends over the incoming inspection of all manufactured products, in-process control to release the products at the end of the production chain.

We test the finished products according to our customers specifications and methods.

Only qualified equipment and validated methods are used here.

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Storage & Shipping:

Warehousing and storage organization completes our range of services perfectly.

Coordinated in close cooperation and the needs of our customers, we create the concept of logistics. Whether full truck loads, cargo, cargo appointment or just-in-time delivery directly to your production line.

We ship worldwide by sea freight, air freight or road freight by truck. We offer our customers the customs clearance on site.

If your parts fit into our product range, we are looking for a way to make the impossible possible for you!

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Chipping - CNC Turning:

More than 150 CNC lathes for short and long turning are available for 2-8 axes of rotation processing. With diameters up to 600 mm and turning lengths up to 1240 mm.

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Chipping - CNC milling:

More than 30 highly modern CNC milling machines offer 2D or 3D editing, with table sizes up to 2500 mm x 1000 mm x 1100 mm (X / Y / Z) and up to 18.000 rpm.

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CNC punching machines and eccentric presses with a pressing force from 5 to 600 tons are at your disposal. Band gap widths of up to 2000 mm and thicknesses up to 8 mm.

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We offer economical solutions for your hot forging parts. For the production of a few hundred grams up to 15 kg piece weight we deploy forge systems from 200 to 2000 tons pressure.

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TIG tungsten inert gas welding, MIG: Metal inert gas welding, MAG: metal active gas welding, spot welding and assembly manufacturing with robotic welding.

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Laser cutting: (6000x3000 mm)

We offer high processing speed, low set-up times, minimal tool radius and high process reliability with this thermal separation processes for sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm.

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Surface treatment:

Pickling, galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating, galvanizing, plating, phosphating, Delta Tone, Dacromet, Geometry, powder coating.

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Additional processes:

EDM, grinding, sanding (flat & round), honing, lapping, polishing.

Heat treatment:

Tempering, case hardening, induction hardening, nitriding, annealing.